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Seeking U.S. Talent for International Positions

Top tier Dubai-based brokerage and consultancy firm, serving ultra high net worth individuals and institutions, seeking to acquire and dispose of real estate assets in the UAE.


Senior Fund Manager


Manage the recruitment for U.S.-based candidates from company location of Dubai. The position required years of relevant work experience, as well as a cross-borders background. The successful candidate had to be a sophisticated individual, willing to relocate to Dubai, who could easily adapt to not only a new corporate culture, but an intricate national one as well.


ProSelect is an ideal solution for Internationally-based companies with limited U.S. recruitment staff. Our Professional Real Estate Recruiters were able to immediately tap into our Middle East recruitment experience and develop a comprehensive job posting strategy. The key to ProSelect’s unique sourcing strategy was our ability to work with our UAE clients to craft an extremely targeted and appealing position specification, which, in combination with our posting strategy and proprietary database, resulted in hundreds of resumes. These prospects were then carefully screened by our experienced real estate recruiters, who further qualified the short-list by conducting in-depth phone interviews. The International hiring dilemma was expertly managed to
insure interview scheduling and communication coordination between our UAE-based client and U.S. candidates, despite time zone challenges. Their successful ProSelect hire was quickly made at a fraction of the cost of traditional executive and contingency search.

SelectLeaders not only found the successful candidate, but the Company was, and continues to be, so pleased that they have recommended SelectLeaders services to other entities in the



  • ProSelect eliminated time zone challenges and
  • Provided U.S. recruitment expertise